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Grants for childcare services

To support highly qualified young female researchers the women´s representative offers grants for female researchers with children to support a work-life balance. We provide these grants for child-care services outside of regular opening times and in emergency cases. Grant allocation is competitive. 

Eligibility of application

Young female researchers with children up to and including the age of 12 can apply. It does not matter if the applicant has a position or a scholarship with the LMU. 

Eligible costs, type, extent and amount of the grant

Costs for childcare outside of the standard timeframe are eligible to be covered by this grant. This includes for example:

  • Evening childcare costs (e.g. babysitters etc.) in order to, for example, take part in a lecture, a meeting, or a similar university event.
  • Weekend or holiday childcare costs (babysitter, nanny, etc.) in order to, for example, take part in an academic symposium, congress, or other education event.
  • Costs involved in taking a child to a symposium, congress, daily event, excursions or field research (i.e. for train tickets, overnight costs or childcare); to reimburse travel expenses to, for example, a symposium or a congress a scientific contribution (speech, poster contribution, workshop moderation etc.) is required.

Childcare must be provided by a third person and involve payment for services. It does not include childcare carried out free of charge by a neighbour. It also excludes childcare done by relatives. A grant is only possible if childcare from outside the family is required.

Young female researchers can apply for a maximum of two grants per year. Each grant enables a maximum payment of 300 Euro.


To apply for the grant you have to send an application to the women´s representative. The application documents should include information about the requested amount (with a detailed explanation), timeframe, and purpose of the grant, and a copy of the child´s / children´s birth certificate(s). Furthermore we need information about the person who will be providing the childcare, why another solution is not possible, and how the grant will support the academic career. To reimburse travel expenses to, for example, a symposium or a congress a proof of participation is required.

Approval/selection process

A selection committee that includes the women´s representative and her deputies will decide on grant approvals.

Reporting duty

Applicants must provide proof of her event participation within 14 days after receiving the grant. If not, the grant must be returned in full. Travel expenses will not be reimbursed without original receipts. Also a cover letter needs to be attached as well as a detailed summary of the expenses and the total amount.

General comments

Applicants do not have the right to a grant. Decisions will be based on availability of funds and the reasons named in the application. Applicants are also responsible for any resulting taxes on grants.


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