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Realistic Appointment-Training

During a realistic appointment-training, we give young female researchers who are in process of applying for a position or who are about to apply a chance to rehearse the appointment process as realistically as possible. The scholar holds a lecture before an “appointments committee”, engages in subsequent discussion and submits to a colloquium/oral examination. In this way, she is able to experience the situation and try it out before things get “serious”.

There is also a supervisor invited to give feedback (from gender-perspective and from university-perspective) to the young female researcher and also to the “appointments committee”.

If interested, please contact the women´s representative.

Costs can be refunded from the Bavarian Gender Equality Grant (BGF) and the applications must be sent to the women´s representative.


DFG Instrumentenkasten

This training was selected by the DFG as an example for best practice (INKA database for equal opportunity measures in science and research).