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tandemPLUS Mentoring


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What is tandemPLUS?

When a student’s family situation changes, it can lead to time and financial challenges that often affect the course of studies. The tandemPLUS mentoring program aims to promote equal opportunities and diversity at LMU by easing the burden on students with family or caregiving responsibilities and sensitizing their environment to this changed phase of life.

In order to not lose the connection to your studies, or in order to restore it, a mentee receives technical and organizational support from a fellow student for one semester.

In three coaching workshops, the tandems will learn how to use their time together efficiently. Because we expect a lot of dedication from our mentors, you will receive an assistant contract for 4 SWS.

Who can participate?

  • Mentees are student parents, expectant mothers and fathers, and students who have family members to care for who want professional and organizational support for their studies.
  • Mentors are experienced students in the same subject area who provide their mentees with professional and organizational support.
  • Mentees and mentors can apply together as a tandem or individually.

Here you will find all the important information: