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LMU-PLUS Gender Certificate


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Since the 2012/2013 winter term, it has been possible to obtain the certificate: "Gender and Diversity Competence. Want. Know. Can.".

Requirements for obtaining the certificate are:

  • Participation in at least four of the gender and diversity seminars conducted on behalf of the Women's Representatives of the LMU (see respective course descriptions).
  • Composition of a critical essay on the topic of gender and diversity competence with 5,000 to 8,000 characters (without spaces). The essay is to be submitted to the Women's Representative by e-mail as a .doc file. It is important for the essay to show linguistic, formal and methodological diligence. Receipt of the certificate is dependent on the Critical Essay being accepted.
  • The following documents are helpful when creating the essay: list of topics, references and introduction.
  • An example of a critical essay with the question: "What does feminist theory mean by the term 'patriarchy'?" can be found here.

The certificate accredits the following competences to the participants:

The continuing education courses make it clear to course participants why our increasingly heterogeneous society makes diversity-competent action necessary (Want). The courses provide basic knowledge about the social construction of gender stereotypes and promote a deeper understanding of communication and behavioral processes that contribute to the reduction of social prejudices (Know). In application-oriented exercises, the participants learn methods that are helpful for the integration of heterogeneous groups. In addition, they will be able to analyze and evaluate different approaches to the structural reduction of diversity in a reflective manner and develop momentum within existing structures (Can).

Notes on the Critical Essay

Examples of Critical Essays