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GidL: "Everything is so colorful here!" - Gender- and diversity-sensitive teaching, testing and mentoring (online-seminar)

Programm: Gender und Diversity in der Lehre

An increasingly diverse student body and greater awareness for matters of gender and diversity present new tasks and challenges for the teaching staff at universities. The goal of the seminar is to help participants assemble their individual toolboxes for student-centered, gender-sensitive, and truly diverse teaching, testing and mentoring.

What does it mean to teach my content in a way that is suited for different backgrounds, learning-types, talents of students and their future fields of work and activities? How do I test students in ways that not only appropriately challenge them according to their abilities, but also give them opportunities to show their full potential? What changes will I need to make to provide diversity and gender-sensitive advice and mentoring to my students?

To answer these questions, the seminar takes four steps:
(1) Activities and discussions will help you reflect on your biases and prejudices and systematically review and further develop your role as lecturers.
(2) Inputs and exercises will introduce you to challenges of discrimination, such as microaggressions and how to address them and respond accordingly
(3) You can acquire skills in gender and diversity-sensitive communication which are key to providing a motivating and inspiring learning environment.
(4) We will use our collective knowledge, share our experiences, and create new ideas for actionable methods and tools that make your teaching, testing and mentoring more inclusive.


  • Reflecting on implicit biases, how they affect us and others and the way we teach
  • Understanding structural and less visible forms of discrimination and how to counter them
  • Acquiring gender- and diversity-sensitive communication skills

The seminar can be credited for the Zertifikat Hochschullehre Bayern and the Genderzertifikat Lehre.


Muriel Aichberger works as an author, trainer and speaker and also does research and teaching as an art, media and social scientist.


2-day seminar: fr 03.06. and fr 10.06.2022, each day 9am–1pm (s.t.)

Please let us know when registering whether we may pass on your e-mail address to the instructor. It will be used exclusively for forwarding the link and the communication in context with the seminar and afterwards be deleted.


online seminar (Zoom)

Target group:

Lecturers and professors of the LMU, max. of 15 participants.

Participation fee:

Free of charge for members of the LMU, external participants from other universities have to pay a processing fee of 50 €.


Per E-Mail to frauenbeauftragte@lmu.de